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Master Project Directory

  • Crivella Home Master Plan, Shadyside
  • Coppola Home Master Plan, Thornburg
  • Flati Home Master Plan, Sewickley
  • Hurst Home Master Plan, North Hills
  • Verona Road Estates, Penn Hills
  • Greenfield and McCaislin Townhomes
  • Simcic Kitchen Addition, Pittsburgh
  • Lyda Kitchen Addition, Shadyside
  • Fletcher Semins Kitchen Additions, Squirrel Hill
  • Danenberg Kitchen Addition, Squirrel Hill
  • Sweet Kitchen Addition, Squirrel Hill
  • Schilken Kitchen Addition, Mt. Lebanon
  • Myers Kitchen Addition, Highland Park
  • Hertz Home, Shadyside
  • Roeder Devlin Home, Shadyside
  • Hanna Home, Shadyside
  • Corkan Home, Shadyside
  • Lampl-Holupka Home, Shadyside
  • Levine Home, Shadyside
  • Rosenfeld Home, Shadyside
  • Guttkind Carriage House, Shadyside
  • Sperling –Sleznick Home, Squirrel Hill
  • Pearl Home, Squirrel Hill
  • Elish Home, Squirrel Hill
  • Solomon Home, Squirrel Hill
  • Goldberg Home, Point Breeze
  • Gibson Home, Point Breeze
  • Eshenberg Home, Regent Square
  • Paul Home, Fox Chapel
  • Zabarenko Home, Ridgewood
  • Adams Home, Perryopolis
  • Taylor Bathroom, Point Breeze
  • Botos Bathroom, Hampton Township
  • Goldberg Master Bath, Squirrel Hill
  • Na-Wa-Ka Lodge, Ligonier
  • Romeo Master Bath Room
  • Burke Le Donne Master Bath Room, Squirrel Hill
  • Hal Shapera Master Bath Room, Squirrel Hill
  • Fife Master Bath Room, Highland Park
  • Foster Kindergarten Center, Stowe – Rocks School District
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  • Dr. Greg Habib’s Sports Medicine Joint Replacement Specialists Building, Castle Shannon
  • Dr. Vincent Morreale’s Chiropractic Building, Shaler Township
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  • Brice Lynn House, Residential Resources, Pittsburgh
  • Garden View Manor, Residential Resources, Pittsburgh
  • Rochester Manor Cancer Hospice, Beaver County
  • Dr Baird’s General Practice, West Mifflin
  • Dr. Currarie Family Dentistry, West Mifflin
  • Dr. Mattes Optometrist, West Mifflin
  • The Pittsburgh Agency, Shadyside
  • The 731 Copeland Building, Shadyside
  • CCA Technologies, Pittsburgh
  • Meyers Management, Amberson Office, Shadyside
  • Iron Hill Associates, Woodland Road
  • Century Hearing Aids, West Mifflin
  • District Justice, West Mifflin
  • Reginella Construction, North Hills
  • First National Bank, Shadyside
  • Anthropologie Shop, Mt. Lebanon
  • Lily Pulitzer Palm Place, Shadyside
  • Rollier’s Servistar Renovation, Shadyside
  • Caesar’s Designs, Shadyside
  • Amazing Yoga, Shadyside
  • C-Video, Shadyside
  • Four Seasons Dry Cleaners, Squirrel Hill
  • Help-U-Sel, Squirrel Hill
  • Indigenous Hair Salon, North Hills
  • Mary’s Playtime Childcare, North Hills
  • Parkvale Bank, Jefferson Township
  • Tri-zilla Tri-athlete Store, Sharpsburg
  • Mattress Discounters, Sharpsburg
  • Doodlebug, Blawnox
  • Melody Music Center, West Mifflin
  • Whitlock Automotive, West Mifflin
  • Family Dollar Store, West Mifflin
  • Family Dollar, White Oak
  • Levine Brothers Hardware, Homestead
  • Club Alleys, Homestead
  • Sip n’ Spin Coffee Shop & Laundromat, Brentwood
  • Exotic Cat Refuge and Exhibit Center Design, Nemacolin Highlands
  • Burnette Horse Barn, Sewickley
  • Marc Levine Farmhouse, New Alexandria
  • Lyon Lake House, North Crooked Lake, MI
  • Tomley House, Swisshelm Park
  • Caliguiri Home, Shadyside
  • Verboskey Home Shadyside
  • Walz Home, Shadyside
  • Lowenstein Home, Squirrel Hill
  • Friedman Lakehouse, Conneaut Lake
  • Lamberty – Dorfman Home Addition, Squirrel Hill
  • Burstein Home Addition, Lynn Run, Ligonier
  • Friedman Home Addition, Squirrel Hill
  • Goldston Home Addition, Squirrel Hill
  • Smith Home Addition, Squirrel Hill
  • Weidman Home Addition, Squirrel Hill
  • Brillman Home Addition, Squirrel Hill
  • Farber Home Addition, Squirrel Hill
  • Slayton Home Addition, Squirrel Hill
  • Gottleib Home Addition, Squirrel Hill
  • Welch Home Addition, Squirrel Hill
  • Ryan Home Addition, Shadyside
  • Lee Home Addition, Point Breeze
  • Warhaftig Home Addition, Point Breeze
  • Ann Taylor Home Addition, Point Breeze
  • Gross Home Addition, Point Breeze
  • Kaplan Home Addition, Point Breeze
  • Seltman Home Addition, Point Breeze
  • Asman Home Addition, Mt. Lebanon
  • Maiveld Home Addition, Mt. Lebanon
  • Hummel Home Addition, O’Hara Township
  • Holliday Home Addition, Edgewood
  • Carr Home Addition, Race Street, Edgewood
  • Brunner Home Addition, Peters Township
  • Gounaris Home Addition, North Hills
  • Vanard Home Addition, Rostraver
  • Kitchen Home Addition, Bethel ParK
  • Chaney Carriage House, Clairton
  • Costanzo Home Addition, Jefferson Township
  • Mintz Home Addition, Chevy Chase, MD
  • Golightly Kitchen, Point Breeze
  • Berman Kitchen, Squirrel Hill
  • Stevenson Kitchen, Mount Washington
  • Romeo Kitchen, Shadyside
  • Moser Kitchen, Shadyside
  • Pearl Kitchen, Shadyside
  • Evenson Kitchen, Shadyside
  • Goldberg Minden Kitchen, Squirrel Hill
  • Swoveland Kitchen, Squirrel Hill
  • Schiller Kitchen, Squirrel Hill
  • Fields Kitchen, Squirrel Hill
  • Latterman Kitchen, Point Breeze
  • Straub-Goldberg Kitchen
  • Foster Kitchen, Fox Chapel
  • Karev Kitchen, O’Hara Township
  • Roberts Kitchen, Highland Park
  • Dunton- Minden Kitchen, Highland Park
  • Feldman Kitchen, Regent Square
  • Levine Kitchen, Ridgewood
  • The Bovie House, Shadyside
  • 620 College Avenue, Shadyside
  • 638 College Avenue, Shadyside
  • Netherlands Apartments, Shadyside
  • The Atrium Condominiums, Oakland
  • Temple Sinai Renovations, Barnett Chapel, Forbes Avenue
  • Beth Hamedrash Hagodol – Beth Jacobs Synagogue, Pittsburgh
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  • Temple Sinai Renovations, Leebov Auditorium, Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, with Landmark Design Associates
  • United Methodist Church Elevator and ADA Related Renovations, Irwin
  • Sixth Presbyterian Church Kitchen Renovations, Squirrel Hill
  • The Acropolis, Verona
  • The Rowdy Buck, Southside
  • The Walnut Grill, Shadyside
  • The Shady Grove, Shadyside
  • The William Penn Tavern, Shadyside
  • The Mardi Gras, Shadyside
  • Mercurio’s Mulberry Creamery and Pizzeria, Shadyside
  • The Walnut Street Pub, Shadyside
  • Bourbon Street Coffee Shop, Shadyside
  • Soccer Pub, PISA, Harmar
  • Peter’s Pub, Oakland
  • Chesapeake Bagels, The Horne’s Building, Pittsburgh
  • Rialto Restaurant Addition, Pittsburgh
  • Redd Dawg’s All Star Club House, Belle Vernon
  • Lebanon Road Shops, West Mifflin
  • Hillcrest Plaza Shopping Center Renovations, Bethel Park
  • The Village, Shopping Center Renovations, West Mifflin
  • Alcoma Plaza Renovations, Penn Hills
  • Trau and Loevner Renovations. Pittsburgh
  • City Lights Warehouse Addition, Sewickley Township
  • One Hour Martinizing Plant Expansion, Peters Township
  • Heritage Box, Center Township


“Wow I can’t believe that in a few short months we went from idea to finished product. I am thrilled with the outcome! The house is truly unique and exceeded my expectations. Your design really works on all levels. The house has flow and open spaces.”
Jon Plesset

Home Addition

“The plans you drew for our house, is us. You sat with us on our porch and we talked just a few hours and you made a house for us that meets with everything we would want. You are a marvel. You took our dreams and made them into our home.”
Keith and Madge Adams

Home Renovation

“Without hesitation, I can say with confidence that Harry Levine is one those rare finds, an amazing creative architect with a passion for his work, a concern for his clients, the ability to listen and translate wants and needs into action while keeping a watchful eye on budget and schedule.”
Karen Levin, Board Member,

Sanctuary Renovation, Temple Sinai

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